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Qval Film is a team of obsessed with the videography.

Having imbibed the most important generations of experience, we’ve taken it to а whole new level.

When the video itself is more valuable than the money. When you have no possibility to risk, when you want to be sure that you won’t be let down – this is where we get in the game.

Our unmatched experience is the key to success. During 12+ years of work, we faced different challenges and every time we overcome it. Now, with no doubt, we assert: there is no goal we can’t reach.

Experiments in different styles of filming let us make an inimitable style which is guessed from the very first second. Incredible quality, high professionalism, deep developmental work and attention to details differ us from any other video production studio in Dubai.

Plenty of extraordinary ideas, amiable service, and invariably cool results — it is what we are proud of.

Every member of our team has the enthusiasm and bright talent. We cooperate with top scriptwriters, film directors, cameramen, makeup artists, stylists, and choreographers. The originality of the picture is provided by every member of the process.

For QVAL team, video production equals talent, passion, creativity and eternal inspiration.

We daily develop new and original ideas and face new challenges. Every video is signature, and that makes us QVAL.

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Our quality speaks for itself, we are the studio with а big experience in Dubai, we distinguished from others with high work quality for an affordable price in the shortest possible production time irrespective of the time frame, the result that will favorably allocate you among competitors.

You can count on us. Our experienced team will bring all of your ideas to life or we will provide own solutions.

Yesterday we done a stunning music clip and today we are working on a unique commercial video.

Our imaginative and technological opportunities have no borders. Join us.

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    Video production in Dubai is the process of creating media products. Speaking specifically about video production, it includes all the stages of working with the film - preparing a script, selecting a team, shooting itself, the editing process, as well as all technical work (we say “all”, but we mean a lot complex processes - from color grading to writing music and mixing tracks) associated with creating a movie or a video.

    In the field of video production, there are many companies, but each of them has its own specifics of work, level of professionalism, production principles, and specialization. All video production in Dubai can be divided into the following types:

    1. Producer’s production - as a rule, here we are talking about an intermediary between the customer and specialists. For each video project, the producer selects contractors, depending on the budget and brief of the customer. To earn money, the producer must attract only excellent specialists and take large orders, which ensures high quality of the project, as well as a rather high cost.
    2. Specialized production - narrowly specialized spheres, for example, 3D-animation, motion-design, infographics. The larger the specialized production, the higher the cost of its services. Such production is a good solution if the task fits perfectly into the specialization of the studio, which can do its job well, but cannot "all-all, and yet this."
    3. Full-cycle production - “That's it, that's it!”. The customer can forget about all organizational issues and completely trust such production: chosen concept will be implemented exactly in accordance with the brief. The only disadvantage may be the high cost of services and the lack of flexibility of choosing the talent.
    4. Startup production - an option if you want to save. The team of such a production is not big, but ideological - it can implement the project using a minimum of funds and external experts. The minus of this production is its inexperience of work, but who, as they say, does not risk? Tim Burton, after all, was also the one to start with.

    We provide full stack of video editing services to create best videos for your marketing goals.

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